Tennis in the Park at Jocks Lane in Bracknell

Jocks Lane Recreation Ground provides a fantastic venue for tennis in the town with excellent new floodlit courts. Bracknell Town Council also offer a great new court access system where you can get unlimited access to the courts for only £50 per year. See further down the page for more info.


What's on... 

The coaching programme is on hold for the Winter months and will resume in late February 2018.


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alissa lang

Alissa Lang
LTA Level 1 Qualified
Contact Alissa via the GDT office
0118 9477885


finn swallows

Finn Swallows
LTA Level 2 Qualified
Contact Finn via the GDT office
0118 9477885

Annual Tennis Pass

To encourage use of the excellent new floodlit courts at Jocks Lane the Council have introduced an online system to gain access to the courts.  For £50 per household for the year you will be able to collect a card and you will then be able to gain entry and be able to play as many times as you want.

To join, register on-line with Bracknell Parks Tennis at or complete a form at one of our pavilion shops.

You can make bookings once you have registered and you will be able to gain entry once you have collected your entry card.

Bookings can either be made on-line, directly through the bookings system, which allows you to choose a court date and time up to 8 days in advance, or, if availability, there will also be an opportunity for one off games at £5.10 per hour on the day by phoning 01344 300380 or by calling at Jocks Lane pavilion shop.

You will need a card to gain access to the Tennis Courts at Jocks Lane.

The booking system will also operate at Great Hollands tennis courts, but this will initially be without a card entry system to gain access to the courts.

Enjoy playing your tennis at Jocks Lane and at Great Hollands.